Attendance Rules
  1. Students should submit application for leave to the tutor or HoD. If the absence is due to illness or other medical grounds, the application for leave should be supported by a medical certificate.
  2. Attendance will be recorded by the respective teachers in each period.
  3. The Attendance/Progress/Conduct Certificate (APC) required by the University for admission to University examination will not be granted unless
    1. The Principal is satisfied that student's conduct and progress.
    2. The student has attended 75% of working days in the current semester.
  4. The student absent without leave for fifteen consecutive working days will be removed from the rolls.
  5. If a student is unable to attend classes as he/she represents the college in extracurricular activities such as sports, games, N.S.S., N.C.C., artistic or literary activities he/she may apply for attendance for such days. Such applications shall be duly recommended by the member of staff concerned and shall be submitted not later than the next day after such activities. Late application will not be entertained. The Principal reserves all rights to grant or refuse such applications.