-Our Vision
-Our Vision

  To immortalize the legendary Ponnani wisdom and tradition, whilst assimilating the ever altering spirit and ingenuity of the academic firmament.

To ensure the scholastic, social and cultural emancipation and empowerment of people of the environs especially of the fisher folk whose rights and privileges have been suppressed and trampled upon for centuries owing to the historical, political and social reasons.


We endeavor to fulfill the fair aspirations of all stakeholders and to disseminate the fame of institution as an epitome of excellence in all walks by setting the following objectives:-

  • Developing a culture of equality, secular outlook, all inclusiveness and impartiality.
  • Embracing innovative curricular, co -curricular and extracurricular activities from the globalised world.
  • Setting an exceptional academic ambience ensuring the collaboration and contribution of all stakeholders.
  • Promoting scientific temperament and rationale thinking as envisioned in the Constitution of India.
  • Empowering the vulnerable sections of the society through committed and unswerving programmes.
  • Providing a life-oriented education to students, making them agents of transformation for the wellbeing of the Nation.
Core Values
  1. Social Equity 
  2. Ethical Justice 
  3. Civic Responsibility
  4. Accountability and Transparency
  5. Intellectual Integrity
  6. Inclusive Empowerment